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We retained Julie McNeill to represent us in our house dispute. Julie has done an exceptional job! We had consulted four different attorneys before and all concluded that we had very little chance to win. Julie was much more patient and she listened. She looked into the details and asked us questions. She found clues that others overlooked. We felt Julie took our case as if it were her own. Julie is great with research too. We felt a lot more confident and we better understood the laws when she presented us with information and explained similar cases that she found. Finally, although under a time pressure, she was still very diligent when drafting court documents. She often answered our questions in detail even after hours. At the very end she also thought of new suggestions to strengthen our case. I definitely felt she cared and stood behind her work.

Li G.

Cambridge, MA

My neighbors and I hired Attorney McNeill to represent us regarding a dispute of our land. The other party involved was a large state organization which we, the neighbors, were afraid would have unlimited funds and extensive legal resources. Attorney McNeill represented three different parties in this as all three neighbors were named in the matter. Although we were all named in the matter our individual situations were all slightly different. Attorney McNeill was very cognizant of each neighbor’s concerns and situation. She made recommendations to all of us as a group but also made sure we understood what it meant for each of us individually. I am aware that the attorneys representing the other party were not always cooperative and were often hard to work with. They often used delay tactics to stall the forward movement of our situation. Attorney McNeill handled our situation professionally and with diligence. She represented us well and I would not hesitate to recommend her or retain her services again if I ever find myself in a land dispute.

Amy S.

Lowell, MA

I retained Julie McNeill to bring a land dispute matter to closure. Throughout the process, Julie dealt with my situation in a quick, professional and knowledgeable manner. I was impressed with Julie’s legal knowledge and commitment to me as her client. I felt her advice was sincere and always in my best interest. If I were to be faced with a similar situation, Julie will be the first person I call. I highly recommend Julie McNeill to anyone that is faced with a matter involving a land dispute. You will be partnered with someone who cares about resolving your case in the most efficient way possible.

Priscilla G.

Dracut, MA

My husband and I hired Atty. Julie McNeill to represent us in a boundary dispute. The process took several years to be resolved because our neighbor decided to represent himself in Land Court. Throughout all this trying time, Atty. McNeill was patient, knowledgeable, persistent and extremely professional. Thanks to Atty. McNeill's dedication the court ruled in our favor. If ever legal representation is needed Atty. McNeill would be the first one I would call.

Catherine O.

Pepperell, MA