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I know you have many options when choosing a lawyer. You need to feel confident that the person has the skills and experience to handle your case. You also want a professional that will respect your time and budget while working on your legal problem.

My policies on consultations, retainers and meetings are designed to maximize convenience and minimize financial strain for you when working with an attorney.

Free Telephone Consultations

I need to hear about your case so that I can decide whether or not I can effectively represent you, but I do not charge you for the time you spend educating me. You will only be charged for my time once I am engaged as your attorney and am providing you with legal advice. 

No Retainer Required

Similarly, I don't expect you to pay me until I do some work for you. Therefore, I do not require a retainer fee.  

Convenient Meetings

I also realize that your time is valuable. That is why I am happy to travel to your property or business to meet with you at your convenience. As I work with local land use professionals -- such as engineers, land surveyors, and wetlands scientists -- we can also meet at their offices to collaborate on your matter while saving you time.

Please call or e-mail me. If I think I can help you with your case, we will discuss the next step.

If I am unable to assist you, I can refer you to other local attorneys who may be able to represent you.