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Land Disputes

What do you do when you find yourself in an argument with your neighbor that you can't resolve on your own?

Sometimes, a neighbor dispute goes far beyond simple disagreement, and you need a lawyer.

I have represented homeowners in a variety of disputes with their neighbors, including:

  • Structures -- fences, septic systems, sheds, even the house itself -- being built on the wrong land or too close to the property line

  • Stopping a next door neighbor from crossing my client's property to get to theirs

  • Preventing tree removal and fence construction due to inconsistent surveys

  • Negotiating with cell tower company on behalf of owner of land where tower is located regarding easement rights, including defending client in litigation and tax matters

  • Blocking installation of an abutter's dock at my client's waterfront property

  • Determining developers' rights to use public and private roads

If you think you need a lawyer to help you in your dispute with your neighbor, please contact me to discuss the details of your case.